Five crazy days @ Reeperbahn

(Det här inlägget kommer jag att skriva på engelska så att alla mina Jugend-vänner också förstår. Och det kommer antagligen bli jävligt långt, för jag vill kunna dela allt på en gång i forumet istället för att dela upp det i bitar)

So. I’m home again, wishing that I could have brought my sailors with me, ‘cause it feels empty without all of you crazy fuckers.

This is my version of what happened at the Welt-Turbojugend-Tagen IX. Or yeah, this is maybe a bit cleaner version of that, I mean, most non-jugend people would not understand anyway so, I’m censoring some parts out (sorry… and you’re welcome).

So… LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! *bane-voice*


Wednesday; The boys immediately started up the Lords of Chernobyl-albumfactory in the train from Vasa to Helsinki.


We had to spend the night at the Helsinki airport, so we just casually slept on some benches until Thursday when our plane left. It was not too comfy….

We met up with Turbojugend Stockholm.


I had a date with my favorite captain.


Close to us was an old submarine (nope, it was not yellow). We came to a ”you don’t dare”-situation. Well, Roxner did indeed dare.

IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1081

It did not take long before Syfelix was in the water as well.


Some of that sweet, sweet sailor love.


Then we took to the streets of Reeperbahn.


We borrowed a homeless mans guitar to play and sing a little bit (off course we gave him some money for it as well).


Outside the Turbojugend-meeting point, the Schlemmer-Eck (a bar). Not so many Jugends yet this Thursday afternoon, but they were about to arrive…


A real sailor smokes a pipe, and that’s that.


Some of the culture program that day was going to a Tiki-bar.


This shit was awesome, whatever it is.


Later on that night, we saw The Hip Priests play at this reeeaaally small and hot basement. Sounded awesome, as always.


That night turned out to be pretty weird. Kenneth and I went to all sorts of shady places and met strange people… No photos though. I blame the Astra.

The next day, Friday, we had plans to go to the Minigolf World War, but since it took so long for us to get our food – we missed it 😦


Instead, we played some Sega-Rally at the hotel 😀 It just never gets old…


Back at the Schlemmer-Eck. A lot more jugends had arrived.

IMG_1126 IMG_1130 IMG_1131

There was a lot of kissing and hugging going on.


Swedes. Ricky Marin has his flirty-face on.




Earlier on, we had seen that ”Rocky the musical” was coming to town. This inspired us to take some photos of people imitating Rocky Balboa doing the ”AADRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN”-face. Here with members of The Hip Priests:


Later on that night, we went to see some bands. Here’s Maximum RNR.


IMG_1164 IMG_1161

Since when did wearing a Mankini on stage become a bad idea? You guessed it. NEVER.

IMG_1148 IMG_1174

Kenneth is happy with what he sees. This was also the last time we saw Fishy’s shades. (sorry)


Another big mouth.




We salute you. We totally do.


Back to the gutter, getting some air before the next show, which was Supercobra.


Happy sailors in front of the Supercobra-stage.


I belieeeeeeeve I can flyyyyyyy….


Boys boys boys.


After the show, we hit the Grosse Freiheit with all its stripclubs and stuff. This was also the evening when I got into a fistfight with another girl. I was standing all cool and calm in a line for food when she suddenly started yelling at me. I tried to answer ”I don’t speak germa-” BANG!!! and she had pushed me down the stairs. But when she did so, I got a grip of her hair, so she fell aswell. But then my wallet flew out in street, and my main prio right then was to get it since I didn’t want anybody to steal it. That meant that I lost my focus on the girl for a couple of seconds, and when I turned back again I got a fist in my face. Now I got really mad so I jumped her and got the advantage since I’m actually pretty strong… But when I was sitting there over her, ready to give some action back, two (!) big guards came and dragged me away. I remember I was screaming at them to let me go, since it was her that started it, not me.
Well. After clearing things out she apologized, and her friend gave me some ice to put in my face…
The funny thing is that I was not angry, but excited because I’ve always wanted to know how I would do in a streetfight. lol.
And Kenneth found it awfully funny to go around and tell people that ”MY GIRLFRIEND SURE CAN TAKE A BEATING”.


Next day. BOATTRIP. F-yeah, this was soooo awesome.

IMG_1217 IMG_1218 IMG_1220

The most fab flag in the whole world, waving proudly in the wind.


Clothes are overrated. They really are.


Some bigass ship.


Like clothes, standing is also overrated.


A looooooot of people at Schlemmer-Ecks.


It was time to see some bands again, but I had been sleeping for a while since my stomach revolted from something I ate earlier on. I was feeling soooo bad. The other ones asked me if I was going to be able to come with them. I answered that I was going to see Turbonegro even if that meant that I had to shit myself. I’ve never seen Kenneth so proud over me in my entire life as in that moment.
And fortunately, my stomach soon got better.

I tried to take a pic of Christmas cirklepit, but it didn’t turn out that well. You see, the humidity (luftfuktighet) was so high in there that the flash got reflected in all the small particles of water in the air. Therefore all the white stuff that looks like smoke. But for the eye the air was just… clear.


Kenneth spraypainted Vilkkus beard pink. He actually looked really good in it.


Kenny Cockfighter fighting a cock.


And so, the thing we had all been waiting for – TURBONEGRO.

IMG_1271 IMG_1274

It was hot as hell in there. Like seriously, I’m from Finland and therefore should be able to stand sauna-like heat, but that shit was way too brutal! No….oxygen….. I read somewhere that it had been 56 degrees celcius on the stage. And I stood on the balcony (or whatever läktare is called in english) where it was even hotter since heat rises.

Kenneth cooling off with some icewater I gave him (the bar handed it out for free to everyone):


Happy Tom is petting Tony Sylvesters arse.


Even though I was melting away – this was the best Turbonegro-show I have seen so far! Awesome!


After the gig we had to go and change our clothes since we were SO SWEATY. I mean look at this – Kenneth sat down on the bed for like 3 seconds and this happened:


Outside the hotel again, discussing the show and shit like that.


At Schlemmer-Ecks, David found a sparkly dude.


We started doing the ADRIAAAAN-face again.

IMG_1307 IMG_1308 IMG_1310

Kenneth found Tony Sylvester in the crowd. He was a true gent, I tell you.


Aaaaand off course we had him to do the ADRIAAAAN-face with us.


Time for fishmarkt, 6 p.m.


We have no idea what this was. Smoked eel maybe? Joel insisted on that it was a sharkpenis, but I don’t know… Tasted good anyway.


Kenneth thought he was being funny. And he was, actually. Everythings funny at 7 in the morning when you have stayed up all night.


Sailors ashore.

IMG_1327 IMG_1329 IMG_1330

Some jugends decided to take a swim in the harbour. This guy for example.

IMG_1340 IMG_1341 IMG_1344 IMG_1345

And these guys did some really well-timed and impressing flips.


Ze Polizei was not amused….


TJ Kempen Rockcity is watching the spectacle.


Turbojugends. Turbojugends everywhere.


Our own Polizei.


Something interesting in the camerascreen..?


Turbojugend has all the cutest girls!


Love. Love everywhere.


Kenneth got a really nice Steven Seagull bracelet from TJ Aberdeen 😀


The next day we went to some amusement park called Dom.




Signing a gay unicorn.


Time for some shooting.


He went pretty apeshit with it. The grandma’ on the right is not amused…


Someone tricked me and Kenneth into going in this really fast spinning thing. IT WAS HORRIBLE. IT NEVER STOPPED. AND THERE WAS BAD TECHNO. AND A DUDE SCREAMING IN GERMAN. I ALMOST DIED. If hadn’t taken ballet-lessions as younger, I would probably have puked. Now I didn’t, but I still had to go to sleep afterwards because I was feeling so sick.


Back on track, and unicorns EVERYWHERE!

IMG_1403 IMG_1416 IMG_1417

Edith and her DolFilip. Or Adolfilip as we called him.


These guys had some kind of a competition in hot sauce-eating. It resulted in a lot of people puking. Great.


We found Syfelix a twin!!


Went to sleep pretty early this day because our flight left quite early on Monday. It was really, really hard saying godbye to everyone… I love you all! Hope to meet you soon again!

Me and Kenneth in the train, back in Finland. Tired, but very happy with our Reeperbahn-adventure…


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